Primary Care Services Overview for Patients in New Jersey

From routine wellness visits to preventative screenings, Nirvana Healthcare Management Services offers a host of primary care services to patients in communities throughout Essex County, New Jersey. Physician-owned and operated for over 70 years, Nirvana Healthcare Management Services emphasizes the standardization of care, enhancing the patient experience through a preventive approach.

Learn more about primary care from Nirvana’s locations: Salerno Medical Associates, Metropolitan Medical Group, Roseville Medical Society, and North Ward Medical Arts. Treatments are also available at CHOP, which provides house visits to eligible patients.

Why Patients Need a Primary Care Physician

Having a primary care physician is vital to receiving guidance and treatment for various medical needs. A primary care provider is typically a patient’s first point of contact for preventative care, annual checkups, sick visits, or when they need guidance with healthy living. They also advocate for their patients, directing them towards specialists for more advanced care or leading them to other resources that may support their overall wellbeing.

Most primary care physicians have extensive knowledge of many aspects of health to deliver comprehensive care. Some of the main reasons a person would visit a general practitioner include:

  • Immunizations (vaccines and boosters)
  • Routine wellness visits
  • Treatment for minor illnesses and injuries
  • Treatment for seasonal allergies and common respiratory infections, such as the flu or COVID-19
  • Treatment for skin conditions and sleep disorders

Wellness Visits

Wellness visits are integral, as they provide people with an update on the status of their health and reveal underlying issues they may not notice otherwise. In addition to routine physicals, patients can obtain the following from Nirvana Healthcare Management Services providers:

  • Same-day sick visits
  • Saturday appointments and house calls
  • Telemedicine services available for all patients

Preventative Health Screenings

The earlier a physician detects an illness, the sooner they can administer the proper treatment and the better the outcomes for the patient. Preventative care involves conducting screenings for patients with risk factors for certain diseases. As part of their effort to offer holistic care, Nirvana Healthcare Management Services delivers preventative screenings for the following health areas at all primary care locations. Below is a sampling of screenings

  • Cardiovascular health and wellness: Blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity
  • Fall prevention: Helping older adults identify factors that may increase their risk for falling and developing strategies to minimize injury
  • Men’s health: Prostate cancer, colorectal cancer
  • Women’s health: Pap test, cervical cancer, breast cancer, birth control

Patients may also schedule blood work and other tests at onsite laboratories found at all primary care locations.

Other Patient Services

The primary care physicians of Nirvana Healthcare Management Services are dedicated to providing patients with top-of-the-line service, which goes beyond wellness visits, treatment, and prevention. They also work to ensure patients receive the resources to manage their health once they leave the appointment. The following are auxiliary services primary care providers offer to augment care:

Care Coordination

Physicians better meet their patients’ healthcare needs and wishes through care coordination. The process involves gathering preferences from the patient and disseminating them to all care teams associated with that individual’s health, such as specialists. Altogether, it enables the patient to attain a higher level of care.

Chronic Care Management

Chronic care management is another strategy Nirvana Healthcare Management Services implements to produce better patient results. It fosters more effective communication and collaboration among patients with chronic conditions and their physicians between visits. Nirvana Healthcare Management Services uses advanced technology to analyze and coordinate care plans for improved patient outcomes. For instance, a chronic care management team may call a patient to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Medical Marijuana

Greater insight into how medical marijuana works and its composition has made it an approved treatment under the law. Nirvana Healthcare Management Services is licensed to prescribe medicinal marijuana for chronic pain. Patients are given legally-valid identification cards to obtain treatment at a local dispensary only five miles from the Newark and East Orange locations.

Medicare Counseling

Navigating Medicare benefits, costs, and eligibility guidelines can be challenging. Counselors guide individuals through the complex features of Medicare to ensure they understand what they are entitled to receive. Patients should also know that providers of Nirvana Healthcare Management Services accept all forms of insurance.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is a key component of telehealth services. It allows patients to consult with their physician about symptom management for acute and chronic conditions, without needing to travel to the facility for an in-person appointment. This service is ideal for people who cannot travel as easily as others and helps reduce the risk of infection for all patients.

Certified Medical Examiner

Nirvana Healthcare Management Services also provides physical examinations for those who must submit to government health inspections through Salerno Medical Associates. Becoming a certified medical examiner requires extensive training and recognition by United States Department of Transportation (DOT). These services further express a dedication to caring for a wide population of patients.

Civil Surgeon for Immigration

Immigrants pursuing green cards must first undergo a medical examination. Nirvana Healthcare Management Services serves as a certified medical examiner to perform these exams and help immigrants move closer to permanent, legal residency. Per the regulations and procedures of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) the patient must bring the following documents to SMA at the time of the examination:

  • Complete vaccination and immunization records
  • All chest x-rays
  • Complete medical history
  • Passport, identity card, or laissez-passer

Commercial Driving License (CDL)

This service also extends to individuals seeking a Commercial Driving License (CDL) in New Jersey. We are a federally certified medical examiner to provide physical examinations for drivers seeking their Commercial Driving License (CDL) in 2016. We are one of the few providers in Essex County providing this important commerce service.

Primary Medical Care Services

For patients in need of medical care in New Jersey, the ideal option offers comprehensive services that focuses on holistic and preventive care. Nirvana Healthcare offers the full spectrum of primary care services to ensure each patient is taken care of in a compassionate, attentive environment.


Dealing with arthritis can negatively impact your quality of life, making it harder to complete regular day-to-day tasks. Our team understands that most, assisting you in getting the care you need in an environment you trust. Learn more about arthritis treatment at one of the primary locations of Nirvana Healthcare Management Services in Newark and East Orange, New Jersey.

Behavioral Health and Wellness

Across the primary care locations and at North Ward Behavioral Health, patients can access comprehensive and holistic care for better emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Treatment plans are tailored to each individual and may include various counseling services delivered by qualified therapists that treat a wide range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, developmental conditions, drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, and more.

Cardiovascular Health and Wellness

Multi-disciplinary, comprehensive cardiovascular care is available from the providers of one of the primary care locations of Nirvana Healthcare Management Services, who take a preventative approach to issues affecting the heart such as chest pain, hypertension, and stroke. Serving patients across Essex County in New Jersey, the network of fully integrated practices is dedicated to excellence and personalized healthcare. A wide range of screenings and treatments are available to help patients maintain their condition and overall wellbeing.

Chronic Disease Management and Prevention

Using a preventive approach that includes routine screenings and exams, our primary care locations of Nirvana Healthcare Management Services offer chronic disease management for patients living with long-term health conditions. These services include personalized treatment plans, which account for the specific needs of men and women, as well as medication management, patient monitoring, and disease education.

Gastroenterological and Hepatological Health and Wellness

The primary care medical practices of Nirvana Healthcare Management Services are committed to helping individuals find primary care providers for all aspects of health, including gastroenterology and hepatology. Patients throughout Essex County, New Jersey, can attain preventative care and treatment from qualified physicians with experience handling multiple conditions affecting the digestive tract and liver, including leaky gut syndrome and fatty liver disease.

Geriatrics Medicine

As people age, their healthcare needs change, and they may require a physician with more experience serving older individuals. Patient-centric and fully integrated, the medical professionals from the primary care medical locations of Nirvana Healthcare Management Services help individuals 65 and older in Essex County, New Jersey. These providers diagnose and treat multiple conditions primarily affecting aging adults, conduct comprehensive risk assessments for preventative care, and aid in medication management.

Medication Management

The medication management team works closely with doctors, nurses, and other providers, offering pharmacy services that aid patients throughout their treatment regimens. These services range from instructing patients on how to use their medications to administering vaccinations and wellness tests, with an emphasis on ensuring that each drug prescribed is safe and won’t negatively interact with other medications. The medical care practices of Nirvana Healthcare Management Services also educate patients on their conditions and medications, finds the most convenient, effective, and safest medication options, and will recommend preventive care as necessary.

Men’s Health And Wellness

Being proactive about health issues can increase life expectancy and greatly improve quality of life. And, as with all patient populations, early detection significantly improves one’s chances of successful treatment outcomes. Nirvana Healthcare’s clinicians have specialized training in the diseases, disorders, and conditions that are commonly found in men, particularly in middle-aged and older men.

Neurological Health And Wellness

The brain, spinal system and nerves are all components of the nervous system. Among the most common neurological diseases or disorders are strokes, migraines, brain tumors, spinal cord disorders and multiple sclerosis. However, there is a wide range we can assess, identify and treat, including various seizure disorders, dementia, movement disorders and Alzheimers.

Pain Management

Pain for most of us is a random invader that will eventually go away. For others it can significantly interfere with their enjoyment of life, job performance and relationships with friends and family. And yet pain has a valuable function in signaling that something is wrong and pinpointing the location of the problem. Find primary care and specialty care providers with extensive experience in chronic pain management and prevention.

Pulmonary Health and Wellness

A primary care provider is your point person for your health and wellbeing, and this includes pulmonary care. Patients struggling with respiratory conditions, such as shortness of breath, can receive holistic and comprehensive care through our medical providers. The fully integrated network of physicians handles diseases originating in the lower respiratory system and understands the complex relationship between the heart and lungs, taking a preventative approach to pulmonary care.

Sleep Health and Wellness

As an integral part of primary care, Nirvana Healthcare Management Services provides sleep health and wellness services, focused on improving one’s quality of rest. The team treats central and obstructive sleep apnea, using sleep studies to make an official diagnosis. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), adjusting positive airway pressure (APAP), and bi-level positive airway pressure (BPAP) machines are common options for patients with sleep apnea and other conditions.

Vascular Health and Wellness

Even though vascular system problems are quite common, they can be serious. Among the major threats are atherosclerosis and blood clots, which inhibit blood flow to the heart or brain. Then there is vein insufficiency, whose surface identifiers may include varicose and spider veins. With a strong emphasis on prevention, the primary care and specialty vein health providers focus on identifying and treating issues affecting vascular health and wellness.

Women’s Health and Wellness

Women’s healthcare goes beyond basic gynecological services, encompassing a wide range of areas. In New Jersey, personalized, prevention-focused healthcare tailored to the needs of female patients is available from our family-oriented medical practices. Our patient coordinators make it easy to access quality, seamless care across the providers at all of our primary locations of Nirvana Healthcare Management Services.

Obtain a Primary Care Physician in Essex County, NJ

Individuals can rely on Nirvana Healthcare Management Services to find a compassionate primary care provider. With several locations across Newark and East Orange, NJ, such as Salerno Medical Associates, Metropolitan Medical Group, Roseville Medical Society, and North Ward Medical Arts, as well as house visits through CHOP, patients will find many physicians ready to meet their unique health needs. Contact the office today to request more information or schedule an appointment.