Certified Medical Examiner

Certified Medical Examiner

Immigration Medical Examination for Issuance of Green Cards: SMA achieved certification in 2016 A passing score on this examination is one of the requirements for obtaining a green card, an essential step toward becoming a permanent, legal resident. This also is referred to as “The Green Card Exam.”) Minimal requirements of this physical exam include examination of the eyes, ears, nose, throat, abdomen, heart, lungs, lymph nodes, skin, extremities, and external genitals. The results of this examination are provided to the patient (applicant). This written medical report, signed and dated by a clinician at SMA, must be presented by the applicant to the immigration authorities (along with other documents).


In accordance with the regulations and procedures of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) the patient must bring the following documents to SMA at the time of the examination.


  • Complete vaccination and immunization records
  • All chest x-rays
  • Complete medical history
  • Passport, identity card, or laissez-passer

Commercial Driving License Medical Examination (CDL)

SMA is a federally certified medical examiner to provide physical examinations for drivers seeking their Commercial Driving License (CDL) in 2016. We are one of the few providers in Essex County providing this important commerce service.