Relief for Backs, Knees and Feet…

When it comes to the medical specialty concerned with the musculoskeletal system and its extremities, the spine and associated structures, we have the specialists and tools to diagnose and refer. Our referrals may be to orthopedic surgeons, pain management doctors, neurosurgeons or physical therapists depending on the type and progression of your ailment or injury.

We at Salerno Medical Associates (SMA) are licensed to provide customized back braces, knee braces and shoes for diabetics. If you suffer from back or knee pain, especially prevalent among aging Baby Boomers, we can assess the problem via MRI. If you have a bad back or bad knee based on an MRI we can take a custom fitting and forward to the manufacturer who constructs and returns a customized brace. We have a variety of types and sizes of shoes in stock for diabetics, and we also take custom fittings for shoes that need to be specially constructed. These braces are covered by Medicare insurance, and that is why it is important to go to a reliable and certified provider for your diagnosis.

—Warning: Knee and back braces are favorites of scammers who lack the necessary expertise, equipment and certification offering these types of devises to unwary seniors and the disabled.


Relief from knee pain is also available through injections with state-of-the art fluids that reduce the friction in the joint, optimizing movement and easing pain. It might be described as a synthetic cartilage we can inject into an early-arthritis knee in the mild to moderate stage. This essentially pushes the condition further down the road before more extensive treatments like surgery and ultimately, if necessary, knee replacements.  More than 600,000 total knee replacements, according to Regenexx™, are performed every year in the United States and there are enough of them that aren’t necessary that it has been called a “surgical epidemic.”


Braces and injections are not cures, but they bring relief and the return of partial or full mobility, resurrecting a quality of life that may delay more severe measures for years.


Proper shoes are critical for diabetics, because the feet are typically the most vulnerable parts of the body affected by this condition. There are 100 million adults in the country who are diabetics or pre-diabetics.  Among the associated issues is diabetic nerve pain, also known as peripheral neuropathy.

We have shoes in stock and make referrals to help bring relief for diabetics who suffer pain degeneration at the most vulnerable extremities.

Knowledge is a strong medicine and SMA provides diabetic health education that will assist you in making a decision on whether shoes are right for you easing pain and increasing mobility. People with diabetes have an increased risk of developing more serious foot problems due to the negative impact of poorly controlled blood sugar on vessels and nerves going to the foot. The right shoes will lessen and cushion feet to ease the pain as well as enhancing circulation of the blood in the feet and therefore reduce the risk of further damage.


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